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Deposit Policy

For travel inside 14 days full payment is required within 3 days of making the booking by credit card or direct deposit but not less than 3 days before travel.  Bookings cannot be confirmed until full payment is received.

Cancellation Policy

Within 72 hours of travel 100% cancellation fee applies to the total booking. Outside 72 hours of travel a administration fee of 25% of the total booking will apply.  Excess alteration/changes to existing bookings may incur administration fee of $25 per alternation/change.  Passengers are strongly advised to take adequate travel insurance to cover cancellation due to ill health, accident or other abnormal conditions.


Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for the weather.  Should you choose not to travel due to Weather conditions the cancellation policy above applies.  Should we be forced to postpone due to Weather we will be happy to postpone your trip to another date.  If your travel plans do not allow you to postpone please contact reservations, as you maybe eligible for a refund.  Please be aware that weather conditions may vary whilst on the Island and departure times and activities may change as a result.  Please note, once a day trip has commenced " No Refund will be issued”

Weather Conditions

All activities are subject to weather and tides. Some activities may be cancelled or made not available in some weather conditions.  Cancellation conditions apply. Weather events outside of the normal range are very unusual and rare and weather conditions are constantly monitored by pilots and management should any extra ordinary precautions arise under duty of care to evacuate in accordance with government regulations. Passengers are strongly advised to take adequate travel insurance to cover cancellation.

Dietary Requirements

If you or a member of your travel group has special dietary requirements, you MUST advise reservations at the time of booking to ensure adequate arrangements can be made to meet your needs.

Other Conditions

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Agents seeking single-use hire of photographs and text copy for promotional purposes are expressly forbidden from plagiarising this website. All agents must communicate directly with management to ensure they are compliant with our brand and seek current authorised collateral including text-copy and images and must agree to comply with a set of terms and conditions outlined by us.  Approved access will only be supplied to media and agents on agreement to the terms and conditions of use for hire of images and other collateral.  Agents are reminded that photographs appearing on this official website are protected by individual copyright and IP terms and model release status depending on the shot and fees will apply for unauthorised use, copying or modification of these images, in accordance with the Australian Copyright Act 1968, the Copyright Amendment act of 1997 and the Copyright amendment Act 2000 regarding moral rights.  Branded collateral including Photographs provided to authorised agents carry the official watermark in the form of accreditation to the photographer who owns that © copyright and the URL of the official website www.LadyMusgraveSeaplanes.com The removal, cropping, occlusion or alteration of these watermarks is expressly forbidden.  The distortion by disproportionate scaling or stretching is forbidden.  Where images are scaled down to the point where the watermark information cannot be read clearly on any given webpage it must carry that information in legible text adjacent to the image being used.  Agents are also advised that it is an offence under the Australian moral rights Act 2000 to fail to attribute a photograph or an article or part of an article to the photographer/journalist who originated the photo/article or to falsely attribute it.  An agents webpage displaying a number of images must show 2 things i) Official Website www.LadyMusgraveSeaplanes.com ; and ii) Photography by 'photographers name'  (in accordance with the moral rights Act 2000).  Any attempt to hide or mask this information is not acceptable.  If you are not sure please contact us and ask first.

All agents websites publishing LEI collateral including images, pricing and inclusions is subject to an approval process.  Website pages which are 'Off-brand' will be guided to return to brand within 5 working days.  Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the cancellation of the licence to use these images and other collateral.

This is the only Official Website representing Lady Musgrave Seaplanes and carries the URL of http://www.ladymusgraveseaplanes.com.  All other websites are to be considered as AGENTS websites whether accredited or not.  Lady Musgrave Seaplanes will NOT honour any facts or prices presented on other websites and persons booking through Agents must realise that any complaints relating to misinformation originating from other sources (sites, verbals or emails from these agents) will be directed back to that agent for resolution or compensation and will NOT be the responsibility of Lady Musgrave Seaplanes.  Terms, conditions and prices on the official website are subject to change without notice.  Check the currency of information on the Official Website prior to making a booking.

For more information about any of the policies described above, or to request permission to reproduce material from this web site, please contact management, Attn: The Manager, PO Box 769, Main Beach, 4217, Queensland Australia Ph: 1300 738 919 Fax: +61 75657 7078 Email: bookings@LadyMusgraveSeaplanes.com. 







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